New Spirit in 2014


A nice one cup of coffee for a week 😀

It’s been a (very) long time since I posted an article here. I do not say I neglected it. I just did not have much time nor ideas to write anything back then. Well, this year will be a different year. I will have much time and surely ideas to write again. Why? Because I said so.

Many people made new year’s resolutions. Actually I do not like making targets and plans, especially they often failed. But, no targets no strategies, no good strategies no success. So… I have listed some new year’s resolutions and I believe this time I will at least fulfill 50% of the targets.

1. Less Caffeine

I say less caffeine instead of ‘no’ caffeine. I love drinking coffee. It is hard to completely stop drinking it, so it would be better to say drinking less than no drinking at all and therefore this will lessen the probability of turning down the target 😛 I would surely and already do.. drink coffee less than before. From 1-3 cups a day to 1 cup a week. Hooray!

2. Draw More

I used to draw a lot. Now I feel that I have lost my ability to draw. It’s not like I drew really good, but still I want to do it better. So, I downloaded online materials of drawing course. Excellent. And I bought a huge drawing book and also new pencils and pens. I draw using pencils, different kinds of pencils. OK, you can call that sketching.

3. Sewing Projects

My boyfriend has given me a sewing machine last year as birthday gift. I feel sorry everytime I look at it and realize I haven’t touched it for a while. So, this year I have to have at least one sewing project in a month. Well, this month I have 3 projects already, so don’t blame me if I don’t sew in the next 2 months 😀

4. Archery lesson

Archery has drawn my interest since I was a teenager. Since I did not have a chance to take a lesson, not even to buy the bow and arrows, I think I have to start taking archery lesson anytime this year. First, I should get the bow and arrows, then find the right archery school. It is quite hard to find archery school here though, because it is not a popular sport as well as hobby.

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